2018 Year End
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With your help, Giving Tuesday was a wonderful success! You kicked us off with a great year-end boost for quality missionary care. By helping us serve them better, you are helping them focus more of their time and energy on the people they live among.

We still have many things we can do. There remain $7,555 of your donations that will be doubled by our matching donors! Below is a list of specific improvements you are helping us achieve with your tax-deductible gift.

  • ✅ Office computers: DONE! With your gifts, we have now updated the computers and equipment in our admin office! Our “response time” to missionaries will be much faster.
  • ✅ Donation Software: DONE! Our missionaries currently use a system of excel reports and email to keep up with their giving teams and donations received. It works, but can be very time-consuming just to find the information they need. There are much better tools available these days! Our priority for January is to purchase and implement one of these software systems. This alone will make your missionary very happy and much more organized. This software will cost over $2,000 per year for an organization of our size, and after Giving Tuesday, this can now be realized. Thank you!
  • 💙 Missionary housing: IN PROGRESS: we have begun updating the Taylor building – the converted barn that holds seven guest rooms. These rooms serve as student housing during Beautiful Feet Boot Camp, our annual missionary training. Beyond that, they house our missionaries during their debriefing weeks as well as visitors and retreat guests.
    • One of the rooms has been completely updated with the funds received. It now feels restful, beautiful, functional, and durable! We have also replaced some of the furniture in the Connection (the “living room” of campus, pictured below).
    • 💙 The remaining six rooms need everything from new towels and rugs to sturdy bunk beds and mattresses. With your year-end gifts we will be able to go further by updating the rest of the missionary dorm. One great way to help will be to sponsor a specific room for $2,000. (Or two rooms for $2,000 if you take advantage of the matching offer!)
  • 💙 Treehouse & playground erosion control: If you have visited our campus, you know that we really care about children! There are many who come and go, and they love the Amy Carmichael Treehouse and playground. One problem over the years has been that the playground surface constantly erodes down the hill into the yard and driveway, making a mess and threatening the health of the trees. We have plans to build a retaining wall and drainage system to prevent this from ever happening again. There are some other areas on campus that also need similar treatment. The treehouse and playground will be the beginning of a series of campus grounds overhauls starting this spring. We can start with $5,000, but we will need $30,000 for all grounds projects.

Thank you for your dedication to Jesus’ kingdom among the unreached! We are very thankful for your partnership in this task. Merry Christmas!