Boot Camp
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Boot Camp

Compelled By Love

Beautiful Feet Boot Camp (BFBC) is leading-edge missionary training for those answering the call to long-term service among unreached people groups. BFBC is designed to prepare missionaries for the challenges they will face and develop them into culturally effective disciplers. The goal is not to graduate “perfect missionaries,” but to have each one leave for the field with a growing relationship with Jesus and the abilities necessary to function as a life-long learner who will thrive on the mission field.

Coursework And Schedule

Training begins each year on the first Monday of July with a two-month intensive Boot Camp held on the Beautiful Feet campus in Oklahoma City. Classes address the common difficulties missionaries encounter emotionally and spiritually, providing an overview of crucial missionary method and thought alongside hands-on ministry interaction with the poor and marginalized of our own culture.

BFBC students who successfully complete the two-month intensive Boot Camp will earn their ministerial license and embark on a four-month “gear-up” phase to focus full-time on fundraising and final preparations before leaving in January for a two-year contextual apprenticeship among an unreached people group.

Whether the student desires to work among Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists, starting Communities of Hope among the poor, prostitutes, or children in crisis, they will be paired up in a relevant apprenticeship position with Beautiful Feet missionaries engaged in expanding the Kingdom of God. This time is designed to help apprentices put everything they’ve learned into practice — to experience adjusting to a new culture, learning a new language and building relationships with strangers all while engaging in relevant online coursework and assignments with BFBC instructors.

The BFBC apprentice will also use this time to discern the focus and location of their long-term ministry. Upon successful completion, the apprentice will receive their ordination and permanently join an existing team or start their own.


Missions isn’t just about strategy. No amount of planning or preparation can equip you for every challenge you’ll face on the field. The only thing that will sustain you in long-term work among an unreached people is intimacy with Jesus.

BFBC is designed to help students mature in their relationship with the One who has called them to go. Students will learn about hearing His voice, spiritual warfare and studying the Bible. Corporate prayer and worship times are held regularly and BFBC students are provided opportunities for discipleship with peers and instructors.

Our desire is that BFBC students would be made ready to spend their lives for the unreached — not just because they know the right words or techniques, but because they have experienced the satisfaction of knowing and being known by the King.


BFBC training includes courses on cross-cultural ministry, church planting, language learning and contextualization of the gospel. These are designed to help students figure out how to use the things they are skilled in and passionate about as part of a team, working in community to most effectively communicate the way of Jesus to the people among whom they live and minister.


Beautiful Feet Boot Camp is designed to give students a better understanding of who they are — fears, giftings, passions, weaknesses and wounds. BFBC staff is available to provide support and counsel in preparing future missionaries to successfully face emotional challenges.

Experiencing life together provides many opportunities for building deep relationships along with the normal stress that comes from human interaction. Because the number one, non-health reason missionaries return from the field prematurely is interpersonal conflict, BFBC students are taught how to resolve conflict, how to relate to different personalities and how to love people who are difficult to get along with.

Families With Children

When God calls parents to the mission field, He calls the whole family. Kids are important members of the team. When families come to BFBC for training, the children receive the same preparation as the parents on an age-appropriate level. Our goal for BFBC children is to prepare them to face the unique challenges of life as a third-culture kid and anticipate with excitement the adventure to which God has called their family.

Costs And Dates

In an effort to make top-notch missions training available to as many as possible, expenses are kept as low as possible.

Two-Month Intensive Boot Camp | July–August

  • Single tuition: $400/mo.
  • Single housing: $190/mo.
  • Married/family tuition: $650/mo./couple
  • Children’s Boot Camp tuition: $80/mo./each for first three and $60/mo. per additional
  • Married/family housing: $345/mo.

Four-Month Gear-Up Phase 

  • Spent at home with your church and personal networks building your support team and preparing to move overseas.

Two-Year Contextual Apprenticeship 

  • Online training: $50/mo. per individual
  • Beginning upon graduating from the two-month Boot Camp


A high school diploma, partnership from your personal community and the call of God on your life.

Housing Is Limited, Apply Now!



“I have followed Beautiful Feet from its inception. Beautiful Feet is one of the very best.”
Dr. Ralph D. Winter (1924-2009)
President, William Carey International University
Founder, U.S. Center for World Mission
General Director, Frontier Mission Fellowship
Editor, Mission Frontiers Bulletin


“Beautiful Feet has become the standard for effectively training and sending out missionaries in this generation.  There is nothing like it that I have ever seen.”
Todd Ahrend
International Director of The Traveling Teams


“While working among the unreached for the last two decades I have met missionaries from several different training programs.  And though I work with an different agency, those trained through Beautiful Feet’s Beautiful Feet Boot Camp are, hands down, the best prepared of all. If you are heading to the field this is the training you need.”
Cantor Epstien
Missionary and Team Leader in S.E. Asia


“I recommend Beautiful Feet to anyone in the Body of Christ who has a passion to see the Great Commission lived out. I have witnessed their zeal to see people envisioned, empowered and equipped to reach out to a lost and dying world. They are doing the ministry of Jesus and truly have the heart of God! I would happily encourage you to not only partner with them but support them with your time, prayers and resources.”
Dwayne Weehunt
President and Founder, Sower of Seeds International Ministries


“Feet’s training is so far beyond what I would have learned in just a classroom. The training was so integrated with practical skills. No one should consider going to the field without first going here.”
Serving Among Muslims


“The team at Beautiful Feet bring together missions passion and a practical understanding of what is needed to carry out the Great Commission in some unique ways. They are on fire for Jesus and passionate about reaching the lost. Beautiful Feet’s training is practical as well as being grounded in the best missions theory of the 21st century.”
Dr. Howard Culbertson
Professor of Missions, Southern Nazarene University


“I so love and appreciate you and the way Beautiful Feet prepares missionaries! In all my years of ministry I have NEVER seen anyone more prepared for ministry abroad than the ones you Feet sent us. So really believe in what you are doing.”
Cindy Cunningham
Founder and Director, Village of Hope Uganda