Boot Camp
Beautiful Feet Boot Camp (BFBC) prepares new missionaries for cross-cultural service, language learning, lifestyle adaptation and contextualization of the Gospel. We exist to help people follow Jesus in love, partnering together with Him in bringing the Good News of the Kingdom to the ends of the Earth.
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Boot Camp

The vision of Beautiful Feet is to see disciples of Jesus making disciples of Jesus among all unreached and neglected people groups. We want to see movements of people giving their lives to Jesus; communities transformed; to see glimpses of God’s Kingdom coming, God’s will being done here on earth just as it is in heaven.


Our unchanging mission is to follow Jesus to unreached and neglected people groups, cooperating with churches, mobilization organizations, and other missionary agencies to mobilize, train, and send long-term, catalytic missionary teams to start disciple-making/church-planting movements. Crossing cultures as a disciple of Jesus calls us to a deeper awareness of God’s love for all peoples and their cultures. Training is essential to this mission.


Beautiful Feet Boot Camp (BFBC) prepares new missionaries for cross-cultural service, language learning, lifestyle adaptation and contextualization of the Gospel. We exist to help people follow Jesus in love, partnering together with Him in bringing the Good News of the Kingdom to the ends of the Earth.


Pioneering missions training for over 25 years

Wise missionaries prepare spiritually and practically for the challenges of living and serving overseas. BFBC is designed to inform students about the challenges that missionaries face and equip them with the practical skills needed to thrive on the mission field. Those who train with BFBC go to live and serve in the darkest parts of the planet, incorporating a wide variety of ministry and service techniques helping to establish communities of the King.


Live and learn among the people

Missionary candidates begin their training with our three-week intensive Beautiful Feet Boot Camp (BFBC) in Oklahoma City. BFBC is focused on a relational approach to integrating the skills needed to thrive during their first term of two to three years. Upon successful completion of BFBC, graduates head home to finish raising financial and prayer support. Graduates will be paired with a support raising coach to help them through this process. Once funded, graduates will join one of Beautiful Feet’s existing overseas teams or partners in ministry for their first term. During their first term, BFBC graduates are paired with coaches (Pastoral Care, Language Learning, Strategy, and Business as Mission, if applicable) who are committed to helping them thrive.


Build a solid foundation

Classes challenge students’ assumptions so that their foundation and motivation are based solely on Jesus, encouraging intimacy with the One calling us to go. It is only through deep relationship with Christ that long-term work among unreached and neglected peoples can be sustained.


Learn from those who have gone before

Students learn from a variety of instructors who have significant and ongoing experience in the field of missions. BFBC classes are interactive and designed to teach students about intimacy with Jesus, church planting, language acquisition, cultural adaptation, community development, contextualization of the Gospel, and team dynamics. Students are prepared to adjust to a new culture, build strong relationships with strangers and to work together to see the Kingdom of Heaven fill the Earth.


Beautiful Feet Boot Camp graduates

BFBC is designed to prepare students for long-term service (more than two years). Upon successful completion of the first term, graduates are invited to join an existing team or to begin forming one of their own.


Let the little children come

When God invites parents into mission work, He is inviting the whole family. BFBC has been a pioneer in missionary kid training from its inception. Children receive the same preparation as their parents on an age-appropriate level. Children are readied to face the unique challenges of life overseas and begin developing the same practical skills as their parents (serving the poor, interacting with those different from them, living in community, etc.) The goal is to help children grow in excitement about their family’s new adventure by helping them feel like a real part of the team.

Costs and dates
Three-week intensive Boot Camp | First three weeks in June
Singles: $1,000
Married/family: $1,500 per couple;
children are $100 each for first three and $80 per additional.
Housing is included, but limited, apply soon!

Perspectives: minimum of certificate level |
SRS Bootcamp:



“I have followed Beautiful Feet from its inception. Beautiful Feet is one of the very best.”
Dr. Ralph D. Winter (1924-2009)
President, William Carey International University
Founder, U.S. Center for World Mission
General Director, Frontier Mission Fellowship
Editor, Mission Frontiers Bulletin


“Beautiful Feet has become the standard for effectively training and sending out missionaries in this generation.  There is nothing like it that I have ever seen.”
Todd Ahrend
International Director of The Traveling Teams


“While working among the unreached for the last two decades I have met missionaries from several different training programs.  And though I work with a different agency, those trained through Beautiful Feet’s Beautiful Feet Boot Camp are, hands down, the best prepared of all. If you are heading to the field this is the training you need.”
Cantor Epstein
Missionary and Team Leader in S.E. Asia


“I recommend Beautiful Feet to anyone in the Body of Christ who has a passion to see the Great Commission lived out. I have witnessed their zeal to see people envisioned, empowered and equipped to reach out to a lost and dying world. They are doing the ministry of Jesus and truly have the heart of God! I would happily encourage you to not only partner with them but support them with your time, prayers and resources.”
Dwayne Weehunt
President and Founder, Sower of Seeds International Ministries


“Beautiful Feet’s training is so far beyond what I would have learned in just a classroom. The training was so integrated with practical skills. No one should consider going to the field without first going here.”
Serving Among Muslims


“The team at Beautiful Feet bring together missions passion and a practical understanding of what is needed to carry out the Great Commission in some unique ways. They are on fire for Jesus and passionate about reaching the lost. Beautiful Feet’s training is practical as well as being grounded in the best missions theory of the 21st century.”
Dr. Howard Culbertson
Professor of Missions, Southern Nazarene University


“I so love and appreciate you and the way Beautiful Feet prepares missionaries! In all my years of ministry I have NEVER seen anyone more prepared for ministry abroad than the ones you Feet sent us. So really believe in what you are doing.”
Cindy Cunningham
Founder and Director, Village of Hope Uganda