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Who is Beautiful Feet?

There are still more than two billion people who haven’t ever heard that Jesus came to earth to rescue them. Many of these people are still living in primitive and hopeless conditions where death, disease and hunger are daily realities. There are no churches, no Christian radio broadcasts and no Bible translations in a language that they can understand. Each of these people has never even had the opportunity to respond to Jesus’ call to salvation. Beautiful Feet is a specialized missions agency that is called to partner with local churches to train and send long-term, church planting missionary teams to these people who are still unreached by the gospel.


For those who have already decided to give their lives to plant churches among the unreached, Beautiful Feet offers a missionary training intensive called Beautiful Feet Boot Camp. Boot Camp is designed to provide each missionary candidate with comprehensive pre-departure training that will prepare them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually for pioneer church-planting work. Students spend time getting grounded in spiritual disciplines, as well as being equipped with skills like cross-cultural communication, language acquisition, conflict resolution and incarnational living.


Beautiful Feet exists to join Jesus in calling the church to action by informing local bodies of believers about the need of the unreached and by challenging each of them to get involved in God’s work among these remaining people groups. Beautiful Feet provides seminars, conferences and publications that are designed to give the American church a basic understanding of God’s heart for the unreached and of His call on the lives of every believer to partner with Him in bringing the good news to the ends of the earth.



After completing Beautiful Feet Boot camp, Beautiful Feet sends new missionaries to join existing church-planting teams for the first two-year term of learning the language and culture of the people that they’ll be working with. Just as Beautiful Feet missionary teams are committed to long term service in order to provide entire people groups with access to the gospel, Beautiful Feet is committed to providing missionaries with continuing care in order to help them succeed on the field through means like strategic advice, emotional support and continued education.

Our Six Distinctives...